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Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Fine Arts

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Vision and Mission

  • Vision :

    "To be a leading institution in Visual Art imparting qualitative art education and creating art awareness in society at large."

  • Mission :

    • To consistently facilitate academic, professional and overall development of the student.
    • To create leading visual artists, entrepreneurs, designers through creative excellence.
    • To provide a rigorous and comprehensive education in fine arts, and create an inclusive and supportive environment fostering creativity, critical thinking, and technical proficiency among students.
    • To preserve and promote traditional artistic practices while encouraging experimentation and innovation in contemporary art
    • To engage with local communities through art outreach programs, exhibitions, and collaborative projects that address social, cultural, and environmental issues.
    • To instill ethical values and social responsibility in students, emphasizing the importance of using art as a tool for positive change and societal impact.

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