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NSS Balkalyan

Deaf and dum Students of Balkayan Sanstha visited Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Fine Arts. These are the students who were selelcted from all over Maharashtra for showing talent in art and were her to explore the career opportunities in art field.

Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Fine Arts always look forward to help for any social cause and indeed this was a fruitful experience for these kids.

NSS - Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune

To serve a noble cause of creating social awareness among the students Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College Of Fine Arts has arranged a visit cum workshop for Differently Abled children from Balkalyan Sanstha, Pune.

These children were selected in state level art competitions and are to appear for further competitions. We, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College Of Fine Arts has decided to cater a helping hand towards them by giving them an opportunity to see our college and to explore different art techniques with our students.

The bus were arranged to bring them here in our college. They visited the Sculpture Department and all the classes under Painting and Applied Art Department. Then they were served with snacks and tea followed by a workshop. The material was also provided by us.

In the workshop our students helped them to explore different techniques like Magic Painting, Tread Painting, Blow Painting and Calligraphical techniques with paper bag making and its decoration.

They were delighted to join us and to explore an entire new world of art. This gave them a totally new perspective for choosing their career options ahead.

Our students were also delighted to teach these students and language was not a barrier for them. They learned a little bit of sign language and enjoyed exploring with these special children. Main motive was to make our students feel the privileges they are offered and that reflected in their behavior.

Thus this activity proved a learning experience for both the students and was carried out successfully by Asst. Prof. Pallavi Meshram and Asst. Prof. Mugdha Kale. Asst. Prof. Sanjay Bhalerao, Asst. Prof. Jagadish Khaire.

Date : Thursday, 11th October 2012
Time : 10.30 am
Venue : Art Gallery

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