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Gathering 2016 - CREVA16

The Annual Gathering of College of Fine Arts!!!” Much Awaited event by students. For students....!


The 3 gathering of B.V.C.O.F.A started with a bang & ended with a bang! It had only two elements, dance & drama. But each student who came for the performance, literally rocked the stage & won the hearts of the audience. Claps, whistles, cheers and uproar were the reactions of the audience after each presentation. But still, the students or seniors to be precise, of 3rd and 4th year Applied Art, they really stole our hearts or struck the chord of our hearts or whatever you say.. I seriously don't have words to express what an awesome experience they gave us. The third year students had a brilliant concept to present while the fourth year students did the unexpected! A tribute was given by the fourth year students to the king of romance, YASH CHOPRA (you'll notice the SRK 'pose' in this album). For this beautiful experience which they gave us, I, on behalf of 2nd year Applied Art, wish them a great future ahead... But at the same time, I will apologize to them for clicking blur images. These are not the best clicks because of the lack of knowledge as I am still learning. And a bit of more exposure was needed for the camera for focusing. It was 60% dark on stage. But still, I will consider this as my fault... So, FAB, FANTABULOUS, SPLENDID, WONDERFUL, SPECTACULAR and FANTASTIC, are the only words left to express... Thanks a lot Nakul Sutar, Sanket Belsare, Mayur Pawar and your whole team & Mohit Kulkarni, Prasad Rajopadhye and your whole team...


Uproar and electrifying ambience! Today's TRADITIONAL DAY witnessed many collegians of the Bharati Vidyapeeth's College Of Fine Arts on its premises, dancing on the wild beats of 'dhol-tasha' and enjoying to their fullest. All the boys looked handsome and all the girls looked ravishing as ever in the 'paramparik' dress code. My eyeballs were literally baffled as of whom I should click the photos. I don't like dancing, hence I didn't shake my hips and chest. But the exercise given to my eyes proved fruitful to me...! Check this out!

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