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State Level On-the-Spot Landscape Competition 2011

On the birthday occasion of Dr. Patangrao Kadam and Mr. Vishwajeet Kadam, institutes of Bharati Vidyapeth – Bharati Hospital, College Of Fine Arts, Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya had organized a landscape competition on the State level.The event was held in Bharati Vidyapeeth from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on 3rd Jan., 2011. Mr. Milind Shipi and Mr. R. A. Chari were the guests of honour to gudge the competition.The prize distribution ceremony was decided to be held on 7th Jan. 2011.

Mr. Suhas Bahulkar was the honourable guest for the prize distribution ceremony, who handed over the prizes to the respective winners. The Dr. Shivajirao Kadam, Chancellor, B.V.P., Mr. K.D.Jadhav, Joint Secretary, B.V.P. along with the principals of various other Bharati Vidyapeeth institutes were present for this ceremony.


Around 400 students from various places participated in the landscape competition. The students who won prizes are as follows :

1) 1st prize - Ganesh Potdar (Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya, Sangli)
2) 2nd prize - Rajendra Paundel (Bharati Vidyapeth Fine Arts, Pune)
3) 3rd prize
- Abhijeet Jadhav (Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya, Sangli)
- Kedar Pawar (sculpture) (Bharati Vidyapeeth Fine Arts, Pune)
- Amol Chavan (Bharati Vidyapeth Fine Arts, Pune)
- N.L.Bhoyar (Abhinav, Pune)
- Apurva Javaji (Abhinav, Pune)
- Amar Tele (Bharati Vidyapeth Fine Arts, Pune)


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